Banking on Our Communities


Small amounts of money or equipment given to individuals or women's groups can help create stable home incomes, but banks won't lend such small amounts — especially to women — because of the uncertainty about the clients' ability to repay.

What if instead of trying to end extreme poverty, we focused on creating lasting prosperity—such that more and more people improve their economic, social, and political well-being in a sustainable manner? The difference may seem subtle, but it requires a fundamentally different approach to development.

Prosperity is not generated through an influx of well-intentioned resources to poor countries. Instead, it takes root when organizations invest in what we call market- creating innovations. These types of innovations transform complicated and expensive products into ones that are simple and affordable, so many more people can access them.

What makes them especially powerful is their unique ability to create jobs and generate much needed tax revenues which then fund the development of a region's infrastructure and institutions. - Clay Christensen



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Kudos Photo


I have not iota of doubt in my mind that this project would help so many people in our communities to achieve their dreams. I am ready to provide all the support I can to see this work. Kudos to The Bridge Coop team



Good Initiative Photo

Good Initiative

This promises to be a great initiative as usual by Pastor Francis. I am going to key-in



Can't wait to start Photo

Can't wait to start

I cannot wait for this to start so we can begin to harness the innovative financial services offered. 



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