TBCoop Kiddies Scheme


The Kiddies scheme is an investment trust scheme designed to guarantee the future for children on the cooperative. It is designed by way of lump sum payment or providing monthly disbursement to the trust scheme.


Each child will be entitled to a personalized account which will be run by the Management of the cooperative and the child’s parent/guardian. Contributions into this scheme cannot be withdrawn until the child attains the age of 18 years.

This is our own way of assisting parents/guardians ensure that they become wise in investing for the future of their children. 

Features & Benefits

1. Initial minimum/start up contribution of N5,000 per child

2. Subsequent contributions can be made monthly, quarterly or yearly lump sum

3. Withdrawals cannot be made from the Investment Account as the investment matures only after 1 year.* (Withdrawals indicate account closure)

4. 25% of yearly return on investment of profit allocation will be shared by contributors

5. Option to increase contributions at intervals

6. Guarantees that your child has savings at the age of 18

7. Assists your child get into the habit of saving and understand personal finance early in life

8. Your child gets to participate in self development programmes (skill acquisition, financial literacy, talent development, etc) organized by the cooperative or affiliate partners within and outside the country

9. After 2 years access to education loans for your children subject to conditions